The Firesale

What’s Happening Now?

On Wednesday, Sept. 9th, the DUG Board sent El Oasis garden members a Zoom invitation, and told us that night that 2/3 of the garden was being sold to a real estate developer.  In a private, off-market transaction, they had already made a deal with Caliber Construction to sell the gardens for $1.2M.  We were told that DUG was in a dire financial situation, running annual deficits of $200k a year, and had taken on increasing amounts of debt with El Oasis as collateral.  We were never told any of this in advance – and never had the option of pursuing alternatives like extra fundraising, increasing plot fees, or helping the Board plan a capital campaign.

If current plans proceed, there will be a land survey on Monday, 9/14 and El Oasis gardeners must vacate by Sunday, 10/4. 2/3 of the garden will be sold. No further details or plans have been shared by the DUG Board or Caliber construction with us, neighbors, or the LOHI community.

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